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It was October 21st. 1950, on a small farm in Stevenson, Alabama, USA that a proud and overjoyed father whooped with joy when his wife presented him with a newly born baby boy.

That same tiny baby, was later to grow into a 6' 4", handsome and talented individual by the name of BENNY BERRY, with a voice like velvet and the ability to write and sing songs from the heart, that has brought many a tear to the eye and joy and gladness to the sometimes weary and troubled conscience.

At the age of twelve Benny's father bought him his first guitar, that present and the influence of such greats as DAN FOGELBERG, JAMES TAYLOR, early ELTON JOHN, BREAD and the BEE GEE's was to mould the young BENNY BERRY into the world of country music, with an appreciation of such superstars as DON WILLIAMS, MERLE HAGGARD, LEFTY FRIZZELL, DAVE LOGGINS and VERN GOSDIN who to this day are his favourites.

At the age of twenty one, as so often happens, the wanderlust “bug” bit BENNY, he upt his roots and moved to Mobile, on to San Antonio and other mid west towns where he successfully combined his talents as singer in clubs at night with his chosen trade of carpet fitter by day. This he continued to do for some seven years, after which he decided to return to his hometown of Stevenson.

To say that BENNY experienced a rough period in his life would be somewhat of an understatement. Thankfully, in 1982 all his problems were resolved when the Lord entered his life. BENNY BERRY worships that day and is thankful for the peace of mind and success he has since experienced as a true Christian.

During the early nineties he had a successful recording contract with Hawk Records Limited in Northern Ireland, and his recordings were recognised throughout Britain, Ireland, Europe and as far afield as Australia, where it was generally predicted by disc jockeys, newspaper critics and journalists that BENNY BERRY was undoubtedly a superstar in the making.

In 1991 Hawk Records released a new C.D. and cassette album entitled “Some Things Never Change” as a successor to his previous successful releases including the very popular five star acclaimed “Standing Here Alone” C.D. and Cassette album which received complimentary comment from such people as the late GRANT TURNER, forty six years announcer at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

In 1992 BENNY released a three track C.D. entitled “I’ll Jump Off That Bridge” followed by another C.D. and Cassette album “Mama's Rocking Chair” and later followed by another album “When The Trains Still Ran Through Dixie”.

BENNY has also dueted on albums by MARSHA BRITTON.

During 1990 BENNY toured Scotland, England and Northern Ireland, and in 1992 BENNY also toured Norway, Amsterdam, England and Northern Ireland.

When his contract with Hawk records expired he decided to only release albums in America and has since released several albums including “Salt Of The Earth” (Country Gospel) “He Touched My Heart” a Cassette only release (Country Gospel) “Breaking Ground” (Country Gospel) “Give Me A Good Country Song” (Early Country Songs) released by Mike Headrick, Country Discovery Records, South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

His next album was released on Acoustic Revival Records, Nashville, in 1999 and produced by DON KING is titled “Things I Want To Sing About”.


In October 2011 Benny released a project on CD that he has been working on for some time titled "Bugle Ann"

 This is what Benny has to say about it, taken from the CD inlay sleeve.

"Well I'm certainly not a studio technician but I used what resources I had, my guitar, my little Fostex digital recorder and some Wal-Mart CD's and prayed for God's anointing.  When I finished I made about 10 copies to give to Gary and Phil and some preacher friends of mine then waited for some feedback.  After about a week I got calls from some of the preachers asking if they could make copies of the CD to give their family and friends so they could hear my testimony.

That's how the "Bugle Ann" project initially got started.  It has been over a year and everyone has encouraged me to release the project for distribution so others could hear my testimony.  So here it is, just like I recorded it for Gary and Phil. I love you and pray the CD will be a blessing to you.  My prayer is that this CD will plant the seed of faith in all those who don't even realize they have a soul.

As Paul tells us in Romans 8:20, God made man a living soul subject to vanity, not willingly but by reason of God who hath subjected the same man in hope that he might receive the gospel which is the Word of God."


                                                              Genesis 2:7                                  

                                                              St. John 3:16-18


                                                               God Bless You

                                                               Love Benny



With His Hands Benny's latest project completed May 2013. Tracks include: With His Hands, Apart For A While, The Shores of Jordan, I'm Not Homeless, Where The Roses Never Fade, Breaking Ground, The Unclouded Day, Precious Memories, Jesus Hold My Hand, and It's All About Him.

CD is available from Benny And Joyce at www.BennyBerryUSA.com